#FF: Follow Friday @Good_Foot from Toronto, Ontario

Good Foot Delivery logo

Have you ever looked around a crowded city bus and wondered where exactly everyone was going? Well if you’ve done that in Toronto, one of the passengers could have been working for an environmentally-friendly social enterprise that provides them with responsibility, self-direction and life skills. But how can one accomplish all of that just by taking public transit? By working as a courier for Good Foot Delivery, of course!

Operating in downtown Toronto, Good Foot Delivery is a social enterprise that provides environmentally-friendly and socially responsible point-to-point deliveries. Good Foot offers employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities, so every step their couriers take helps members of the community get a foothold on personal and financial independence. They are also a carbon-free urban courier, as all of their deliveries are made on foot or via public transit. In terms of service, Good Foot is dependable, timely, and everything their couriers transport is delivered by hand. So the next time you need to send something from here to there in Toronto, why not support social enterprise by “getting on the Good Foot”?

To find out more about Good Foot Delivery, check out their website and follow their updates on Twitter via @Good_Foot.

Ps. If you have a favourite Canadian social enterprise to share with us, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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