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Why We All Need a Friendly Wise Skeptic

Having someone in your corner who can see where you want to go, the things that might be holding you back, and the challenges that have yet to come is so key in developing effective mental models and progressing you on your learning journey.

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On Mentorship

This experience taught, and continues to teach, me lessons on both boundaries and mentorship. All relationships need clear and healthy boundaries; although, these can be hard to clearly see. As noted in “Mentorship Starts With a Coffee,” very rarely does mentorship start out with a formalized proposal. For me, most of the important mentors in my life have emerged from a search for answers.

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The End of Summer

Now, at 24, I’m in the process of becoming a social entrepreneur. To me, that means learning to use business as a force for good to tackle some of the more complicated problems I see around me.

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With All The Best Intentions

As we begin to think through the possibilities and ramifications, we become intentional in how we respond to and solve problems. It is by way of this understanding that we move through the murky waters of uncertainty, towards consistent methods of risk management and brand development.

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