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enp Alberta

Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta


You are a non-profit organization in Alberta and planning for a social enterprise:

Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta (enp-ab): provides funding and educational opportunities for Alberta-based non-profit  organizations to evaluate and enhance their social enterprises.

Intro to Social Enterprise workshops are held throughout the year and are pre-requisite for organizations interested in obtaining business development funding from Trico Charitable Foundation.


Social EnterPrize

You are a Canadian Social Entrepreneur or a small profit business that has been doing well for more than three years:

The Social EnterPrize awards were created to recognize and celebrate leadership and excellence in social entrepreneurship across Canada. First presented to organizations in 2011, the second round in 2013 highlighted both social enterprise and social purpose business by identifying Canadian organizations that demonstrate best practices, impact, and innovation through their activities and programs.

See Videos of previous winners, below.

Apply now for the 2015 Social EnterPrize Awards.  Deadline May 29, 2015, 4pm MST.

Futurpreneur Canada

You are a small profit business or you are interested in a loan:

In 2011, Trico Charitable Foundation made a five-year investment in Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF) to help spark an interest in social entrepreneurship via for-profit incorporation. In 2014, Trico funding will be used to pilot Futurpreneur Canada’s new loan program to non-profits. The pilot offers the resources that Futurpreneur Canada has provided to for-profits for years now to non-profits who generate more than 20% of their revenue through business activity.

Enterprising Non-Profits Canada

You are looking for online tools to help you learn, plan, and/or manage your social enterprise:

Enterprising Non-Profits, enp, is a unique collaborative program that promotes and supports social enterprise development and growth as a means to build healthier communities through strong non-profit organizations. The first enp site was established in British Columbia in 1997 and today sites (or affiliates) exist in communities all across Canada. The affiliates work together on social enterprise issues at a national level, share resources, and participate in research. Learn more at Social Enterprise Canada. Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Employment and Social Development Canada.



Social EnterPrize Case Studies

Case Studies from our 2013 Social EnterPrize Winners

YWCA Social EnterPrize Case Study

1Trico Analysis (coming soon)


Turn Around Couriers

1Trico Analysis (coming soon)


1Trico Analysis (coming soon)


1Trico Analysis (coming soon)

Social EnterPrize Videos

Supporting best practices in social entrepreneurship across Canada

Our ENP-AB Grantees

Supporting social enterprises along the business development pathway

Aboriginal Women’s Professional Association (Edmonton) A grant to conduct feasibility study for the development of Aboriginal Enlightenment Series for organizations to purchase and have delivered by Aboriginal Women’s Professional Association (AWPA).

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation (Calgary) A grant to develop a business plan for a high performance, shared, multi-functional work space for Calgary area environmental and sustainability non-profits to optimise collaboration and organisational effectiveness.

Association for the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women (ANIW) (Calgary) Opportunity Identification for Immigrant Women: A grant to identify a social enterprise that builds the capacity of immigrant women to be self-sufficient and resonates with our mission and goals to empower immigrant women.

Autism Calgary (Calgary) A grant to conduct advanced business planning for a social enterprise employing adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Information Technology field.

Bridges Social Development (Calgary) Bridges Fee-for-Service Training and Consulting Enterprise: A grant to develop the marketing and business plan for a fee for service venture using the expertise and approach of our existing Unveiling Human Potential program.

Calgary Alpha House Society (Calgary) Employment Second: A grant to build upon organizational capacity and focus on conducting a feasibility study for a construction business employing adults in a Housing First project.

Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (Calgary) Non-profit Online Job Centre: A grant to develop a marketing plan for CCVO’s online non-profit job centre.

Calgary Counselling Centre (Calgary) Counselling Service Expansion: A grant to conduct an expansion assessment of the business drivers that have the likelihood of increasing the percentage of fees for service.

Calgary Family Services Society (Calgary) Helping Hands: A grant to conduct an organizational readiness workshop with the Board of Directors and Sr. Management group, and to conduct a feasibility study for a business providing in-home supports for older adults.

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (Calgary) A grant to conduct a feasibility study to transition existing the Senior Immigrant Women Arts and Crafts program into a social enterprise aimed at reducing isolation, building confidence and achieving independence for immigrant seniors.

Calgary Reads (Calgary) Tutoring Program Business Plan: A grant to create a strategic business plan for a social enterprise tutoring program.

Calgary Sexual Health Centre (Calgary) The grant will be used for a brand communications strategy for our social enterprise and will focus on sexual health products, but inclusive of all of our resource materials.

Calgary Society of Community Opportunities (Calgary) A grant to develop a business plan for an evening respite program for seniors with diverse needs.

Canadian Child Abuse Association (Calgary) A grant to create a business plan to maximize the potential of existing child abuse training, certification programs and products.

Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (Calgary) A grant to develop a business plan (focusing on marketing, feasibility and financial planning) for the LEAP project: A web based program that builds resilience in adolescents and young adults.

CanLearn Society for Persons with Learning Disabilities (Calgary) A grant to conduct a feasibility study to allow for integration of change management process.

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (Calgary) The Gone for Good project aims to conduct a feasibility study for a social enterprise operating as a deconstruction business.

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (Calgary) Collection Crew Recycling Enterprises: A grant to conduct a performance audit of our Collection Crew and determine feasibility for business growth ideas.

CRRS Worldwide Foundation A grant to conduct a business plan for establishing an international quality school for privileged children in the city of Chengdu, China.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Society (Calgary) Equipment Expansion Marketing Plan: A grant to produce a marketing plan outlining how to reach new target audiences for the expansion of the equipment department to public and private facilities and residences.

ECSSEN Career School (Calgary) A grant to develop a business plan in turning a existing successful travel agency into a social enterprise that provides employment skills and opportunities to immigrant women with English language barriers when pursuing employment.

Edmonton Centre for Race and Culture (Edmonton) A grant to develop an evaluation and performance measurement framework of the financial gain and social impacts of our newly launched social enterprise.

Families Matter (Calgary) A grant to conduct a feasibility study for a day care centre business focused on reaching populations not currently served by day care options.

Family Services of Central Alberta (Red Deer) Business Plan for the distribution of education materials and workshops focused on families with children 0-18

The Good Life Community Bike Shop, Ltd. (Calgary) Revolutions: Building our business development plan to improve the way the Good Life sells new and used.

Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (Calgary) A grant to conduct a business plan for operating the Plaza Theatre in Kensington.

Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (Calgary) A grant to conduct a marketing plan for the farmer’s market operation including the Saturday market pilot.

iHuman Youth Society (Edmonton) A grant to conduct a feasibility study including market analysis for professional development and training curriculum conceived and delivered by vulnerable youth.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta (Calgary) Marketing Plan for expanded rental opportunities at Camp Kindle: A grant to develop a marketing plan to expand the social enterprise business of renting Camp Kindle.

Momentum Community Economic Development Society (Calgary) Momentum Renovations: A grant to conduct a feasibility study for a Momentum social enterprise focused on renovations.

Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative (Edmonton) A grant to conduct a feasibility study for a catering enterprise that will train and employ refugees and immigrants in Edmonton while offering authentic multi-ethnic food, art, and ceremony to our customers.

Norfolk Housing Association (Calgary) A grant to conduct an organizational readiness assessment for a social enterprise opportunity that will further our organization’s objective of providing affordable housing to low income individuals, families and seniors.

Prospect Human Services Society (Calgary) Studio C: A grant to conduct a business plan and feasibility study for operating diverse, accessible and inclusive art workshops and exhibitions.

Rotary Club of Greater Edmonton (Edmonton) A feasibility study grant for a consulting firm that utilizes the expertise of Rotarians in support of the non-profit sector in greater Edmonton.

Southwest Alberta Community Loan Fund (Cardston) A grant to conduct a feasibility study for a community loan fund offering coaching, mentoring, and microcredit financing for local low-income entrepreneurs as well as programming to address the root causes of poverty.

Two Wheel View, Ltd. (Calgary) Two Wheel View (TWV) Trips: A grant to do a formal feasibility study for the development of an existing Two Wheel View expedition program into a social enterprise.

Vecova Centre for Disability Services & Research (Calgary) A grant to conduct a feasibility study to market Vecova’s Medication Administration Training beyond its current application.

WordFest: Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival (Calgary) A grant to conduct a feasibility study of a bookstore in which profits from sales will offset the costs of bringing at-risk Aboriginal youth to festival events.

Youth Central Society (Calgary) A grant to conduct a business plan that includes and builds on a market analysis for youth engagement workshops and consulting.