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ENP Alberta

Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta (enp-ab):  provides funding and educational opportunities for Alberta-based non-profit organizations to evaluate and enhance their social enterprises.  Intro to Social Enterprise workshops are held throughout the year and are pre-requisite for organizations interested in obtaining business development funding from Trico Charitable Foundation.

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ENP Canada

Enterprising Non-Profits, enp, is a unique collaborative program that promotes and supports social enterprise development and growth as a means to build healthier communities through strong non-profit organizations. The first enp site was established in British Columbia in 1997 and today sites (or affiliates) exist in communities all across Canada. The affiliates work together on social enterprise issues at a national level, share resources, and participate in research. We currently have affiliates in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ottawa, Toronto, a partnership with le Chantier de l’economie sociale in Quebec, Nova Scotia and hope to continue to expand this year.

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Social EnterPrize

The Social EnterPrize awards were created to recognize and celebrate leadership and excellence in social entrepreneurship across Canada. First presented to organizations in 2011, the second round in 2013 highlighted both social enterprise and social purpose business by identifying Canadian organizations that demonstrate best practices, impact, and innovation through their activities and programs.

Our Approach

Seeking to advance movement within social entrepreneurship, we realized our strategy could not be linear. We needed to move forward with multiple perspectives in mind. Our goals are supported by eight key elements that will create fly-wheel momentum when harnessed to the best of their capacity.

Additionally, our work (the programs, grantmaking, and partnerships we create) is designed to advance multiple elements to ensure that we are leveraging to the best of our ability.

For Trico Foundation, our approach is to use our collective strengths for maximum impact.  And to learn and share all along the way.  See our one-page description of our current strategy.


For Grant Seekers

Trico Charitable Foundation offers a number of grants related to social enterprise.

To learn more about our grants and process, please create a Fluid Review account on behalf of your organization.

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