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Leveraging social entrepreneurship to close gaps in society.

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Trico Charitable Foundation was established in December of 2008 by Wayne and Eleanor Chiu. The Chiu’s built a company, Trico Homes, that achieved financial success while being socially-minded in terms of serving and giving back to the community.  The Foundation’s focus on social entrepreneurship emerged from the Chiu’s passion for entrepreneurship and a keen awareness of the need for creative solutions to ensure sustainability in the non-profit sector.

It is through this dedication to entrepreneurship, community, and partnership that we’re developing our body of work.   The Foundation did not begin with all the answers in hand, rather it set out to learn all it could about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship. From our work with Enterprising Non-Profits, Futurpreneur, the Social EnterPrize, and the Social Enterprise World Forum, we continue to learn, to challenge assumptions, and to be inspired by the perspectives of everyone on our team and our community.

We keep striving to do this work better.  And better work starts with good questions. Today, we’re asking “How far could humanity go in closing gaps in society if we made the most of social entrepreneurship?”

Really, our story isn’t about us.  It’s about how social entrepreneurship became mainstream.

Make a unique contribution to the advancement of social entrepreneurship.

“Financial becomes more social, social becomes more financial” and we bridge the two.

Social entrepreneurship goes mainstream.

Gaps in society are closed.

Leverage social entrepreneurship to close gaps in society.

Provoking innovation and building capacity in social entrepreneurship.






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Board of Directors

  • Wayne Chiu, Chairman
  • Eleanor Chiu, Director
  • Jocelyne Daw, Director
  • Tim Draimin, Director
  • Chris Hopfner, Director

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