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Care. Do. Learn. Share.

We’re here to support you and your movement to change the world.

Helping Social Enterprises Move Their Ideas Forward.

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Biennial award celebrating Canadian organizations demonstrating best practices, impact and innovation in social enterprise.

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The World of Social Entrepreneurship is a partnership with local leaders that brings the most inspiring international examples of social entrepreneurship to engage with and advance Calgary’s growing social entrepreneurship sector.

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Working with the JW McConnell Foundation to nurture social entrepreneurship in Canada’s post-secondary institutions.

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Our Approach

It is through this dedication to entrepreneurship, community, and partnership that we’re developing our body of work. The Foundation did not begin with all the answers in hand, rather it set out to learn all it could about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship. From our work with Enterprising Non-Profits, Futurpreneur, the Social EnterPrize, and the Social Enterprise World Forum, we continue to learn, to challenge assumptions, and to be inspired by the perspectives of everyone on our team and our community.

We keep striving to do this work better. And better work starts with good questions. Today, we’re asking “How far could humanity go in closing gaps in society if we made the most of social entrepreneurship?”

Our History

Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta (enp-ab): provided funding and educational opportunities for Alberta-based non-profit  organizations to evaluate and enhance their social enterprises.

A unique collaborative program that promoted and supported social enterprise development and growth as a means to build healthier communities through strong non-profit organizations.

Each year SEWF gives a different host country an incredible opportunity to celebrate and nurture its own social enterprise movement. 2013 was Canada’s chance to shine.

In 2011, Trico Charitable Foundation made a five-year investment in Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF) to help spark an interest in social entrepreneurship via for-profit incorporation