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Provoking Innovation and Building Capacity in Social Entrepreneurship

FAQ: What’s the Definition of Social Entrepreneurship?

This is a blog series dedicated to the frequently asked questions we get during the Ask Me Anything About Social Enterprise (AMAASE) sessions. One frequently asked question we get asked is “what is the definition of social enterprise?”

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At its core, social entrepreneurship uses business models/ markets to solve social problems. Regardless of whether it’s an individual or an organization, regardless of their choice of incorporation- non-profit or for-profit, these elements are the driving and amplifying force.

We support social entrepreneurship.

We are a private foundation that believes in supporting social entrepreneurship through programmatic, grant making, and partnership approaches. We take a systems view to every decision we make and foster social entrepreneurship by supporting the ecosystem and providing social entrepreneurs with capacity building resources.

We are entrepreneurial.

We believe in making social entrepreneurship mainstream. We know we can’t do it alone. Which is why we don’t just fund organizations; we work with them and learn with them to move the sector forward, taking risks along the way.

I love private foundations. That’s not a statement that folks usually say on a daily basis, and if they do, they are

What do you do if you’re a bride-to-be, and you must have the wedding dress of your dreams, but your budget only

Since 1995, United We Can has been operating self sustaining urban enterprises to create community, income, and job training for people in

Last week, at the Advancing Social Enterprise event hosted by The Calgary Foundation and SVP Calgary, I got quite a few questions

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