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Announcing the 2011 Social EnterPrize Winners

The Trico Charitable Foundation was established in December of 2008 as an evolution of Wayne and Eleanor Chiu’s philanthropic endeavours.  Our focus is promoting the development of effective and successful models, concepts and principles related to the national advancement of social enterprise.

One of the programs within the Foundation is the Social EnterPrize.  This program provides awards funding and education through a national conference and Social “EnterPrize”.  The Social EnterPrize recognizes Canadian leaders and non-profit organizations that are effectively using social enterprise to deepen their community impact. Up to four awards can be granted to organizations and individuals.

Announced recently at our Enterprising Spirit: Creating Value and Social Good Conference, the 2011 winners of the Social EnterPrize are:

Organizational winners:

The mission of Potluck Café & Catering is community employment and community nutrition and a commitment to sustainable environmental practices in its café and catering business.  The social enterprise was founded in 2001 and it is a neighbourhood café and professional catering services to corporate, government and clients in Vancouver.  Their impact includes 30,000 meals prepared and served annually to 100 most vulnerable downtown east side residents (DTES), job training for 10 – 24  DTES community residents, four to six internships – all to people with barriers to employment, and an additional 500 to 1000 DTES free meals for residents of the DTES.  They are a unique model of social enterprise because they generate 85 – 90% revenue from their catering business, they receive no government funding, they have strong grass roots connection to their community and it is a replicable food training model for other non-profit organizations to consider as a revenue generating model.


Mission Possible is a Christian humanitarian agency that transforms lives by helping people experiencing homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.  Their social enterprise is MP Maintenance, founded in 2009 and it is a property maintenance business that includes services such as graffiti removal, exterior property cleaning services and site cleanup.  Since their creation of the social enterprise in 2009 they have helped 36 people and employed 23 people, with 8 people currently servicing 60 customers in the Vancouver area.  They are a unique model of social enterprise as they have strong business acumen complemented by charismatic leadership, with a strong group of dedicated volunteers resulting in significant impact in a short time.  They are also poised for substantial growth with a recent contract from BC Hydro to install smart meters.


Individual winner:

Caroline Arcand, Groupe Convex Prescott-Russell

Caroline Arcand is the instigator of 10 social enterprises, a prominent speaker, coach and leader.  Witnessing the increase in self-esteem of disabled people at work inspires her.  The mission of her non-profit, Groupe Convex Prescott-Russell, located in Hawksbury, Ontario, is to generate meaningful jobs through business projects for residents who face employment challenges.  One of their successful social enterprises is Recycle Action, a sorting facility, industry collector, and receiver of recyclable products from BlueBox, commercial and industrial sectors.  The impact in their community is significant with the development of multiple community partnerships, serving over 30,000 households, 41 schools, 159 businesses and 5 municipalities.  They are unique as their work successfully blends social, economic, environmental issues while creating jobs and generating revenue.  They have a proven track record, and address a need in their rural community.  Caroline Arcand is a strong leader and social entrepreneur driving the organization.

More about the Social EnterPrize:

  • The Social EnterPrize recognizes Canadian leaders and non-profit organizations that are effectively using social enterprise to deepen their community impact.
  • The Social EnterPrize  recognizes both organizations and individuals. Details pertaining to each award category are as follows:
    • Up to two organizational awards will be given to entrepreneurial non-profit organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation to benefit society. Award amount is $60,000 over two years.
    • Up to two individual awards will be given to people who hold full time positions as social entrepreneurs within the non-profit sector, and who intend to continue providing leadership in an effort to innovate and build capacity. Award amount is a one-time grant of $10,000.
    • A jury oversees the selection of winners of the Social EnterPrize
    • In our first year, we received 45 applications from across Canada
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