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#FF: Follow Friday Cycle Salvation (via @CausewayWork) from Ottawa, Ontario

Did you know that June 5 – 11, 2011 is Environment Week in Canada? No matter where you live, this would be a good week to put away your car keys and use an environmentally-friendly way to get to wherever it is you need to be. If you’re in the Ottawa area, why not make your way down to Cycle Salvation and pick up a new-to-you bike to satisfy all your commuting needs!

Cycle Salvation, the newest social enterprise operated by Causeway Work Centre, aims to achieve a triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet. They offer bicycle mechanic training and employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged individuals, and the donated bikes they refurbish and sell helps reduce the amount of waste unnecessarily sent to scrap yards and landfills. If you’re looking to celebrate Environment Week all year round, Cycle Salvation should be the first place you visit.

To find out more about Cycle Salvation, check out their website at and follow their parent organization’s updates on Twitter via @CausewayWork.

Ps. If you have a favourite Canadian social enterprise that you want to share with us, we would love to hear from you in the comments section!

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