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#FF: Follow Friday Free Geek (@freegeekvan & @FreeGeekToronto) from Vancouver and Toronto

My inner tech-nerd got so excited when I stumbled upon Free Geek for this week`s Follow Friday.  Started in Portland in 2000, Free Geek has expanded to a dozen cities around North America.  Lucky for Canada, we`ve got two in Vancouver and Toronto.

Free Geek takes in electronic waste for recycling.  In doing so, they dispose of equipment in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.  What gives Free Geek its social edge is that they also provide education, job skills training, Internet access and free or low cost computers to the public.

Incorporated as autonomous non-profits, both the Free Geeks in Vancouver and Toronto want to see that our electronic waste is recycled, but also want to involved the community in doing so.  From Open Nights to learn about repair to operating a Thrift Shop to sell repaired goods, Free Geek uses the business of repairing computers to advance computer access in our communities.

The Free Geek Intergalactic is open to other communities who would like to see this model flourish nearby.   If you Google `Free Geek Calgary` it looks like someone tried to get one started here in 2008.  Here`s hoping this energizes the efforts!

To read more about Free Geek, check out their Vancouver website at and follow them at @freegeekvan.

In Toronto find them at and follow along at @FreeGeekToronto.

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