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IRP: Inspiring People About the Possibilities of Social Entrepreneurship

Funded by the Government of Canada, the Investment Readiness Program (IRP) supports social purpose organizations as they contribute to solving pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges across Canada.

Its goal is to help social purpose organizations build their capacity to participate in Canada’s growing social finance market and prepare themselves to be able to take on investments. IRP is currently open for applications thanks to the $50 million investment from the Government of Canada. The IRP is supporting social purpose organizations as they recover from the pandemic and build more resilient communities for the future.

We had the chance to collaborate with Community Foundations of Canada on November 7th, 2022 on our The Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship Lite webinar to help inspire people about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship. Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is proud to serve as one of the IRP’s national funding intermediaries, and CFC is collaborating with regional partners across the country to award IRP funding. CFC is also working alongside the Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC), and Black-led or Black-serving social purpose organizations are able to apply to both CFC and FFBC through the online application portal.

Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship Lite is the culmination of over a decade of our TCF funding social enterprises, hosting awards, holding events, researching, reading and engaging in dialogue about social enterprise across the planet. Inspired by many, this content is a unique contribution to the social enterprise space that squarely focuses on ‘how to’ practical insights to help you to fully harness the power of business models to serve social impact.

Our Manager of Social Entrepreneurship Training & Funding, Brittni Kerluke, took the participants through our Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship video and had the participants do an exercise to get a first-hand feel for the power of the ideas and tools.

During the session many valuable resources were shared and we have included them below:


Apply now: CFC applications will close at 5:00 PM ET on November 22, 2022, and FFBC applications will close on December 1, 2022. 


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