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EMBERS Staffing Solutions: Amazing Social Enterprise Continues to Excel, Expands to Alberta

EMBERS Staffing Solutions’ mission is to create economic and employment opportunities for people –  one person, one job, one day a time. EMBERS Staffing is a temporary-employment social enterprise that provides companies with a socially responsible staffing service while providing workers with a ladder of opportunities to improve their skills and advance their careers. The goal is to offer short and long-term job placements as a bridge to full-time employment for people who may face barriers to employment. 

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Spotlight on IRP Recipients: Earthware

Calgary social enterprise Earthware is offering people the opportunity to affect real change by using a return-for-reuse zero waste takeout container program. Founder John MacInnes discusses IRP funding, a plethora of learnings, and overcoming challenges.

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Spotlight on IRP Recipients: Taproot Publishing Inc.

Taproot Publishing Inc. sees a future in which communities are served by sustainably funded acts of journalism facilitated by technology. They equip individuals and organizations with the information they need to contribute to their community, make good decisions, and stay engaged with others. Co-Founder Mack Male discusses IRP funding, implementing sales, & building a thriving team.

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Spotlight on IRP Recipients: Ethically Aligned AI

Ethically Aligned AI is a tech start-up and social enterprise that is on a mission to help organizations build better AI systems and help people to make sound choices in selecting trustworthy AI-enabled products or services. Founder & CEO Katrina Ingram, discusses IRP funding, a plethora of learnings, and reimagining the future.

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