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$50,000 to Outstanding Student Social Entrepreneurs

The NU Community Board has hit the ground running for our second year of the NU National Awards for Outstanding Student Social Entrepreneurship. One award for $25,000 is selected by the NU Community Board jury, and the other award for $25,000 is selected by the audience at the awards presentation. We are pleased to share that we are now accepting applications for these two awards.

Last week, we hosted a kickoff event for the awards where we shared key information about the awards application as well as gave students an opportunity to connect with and be inspired by previous recipients.  Brittni Kerluke (of the Trico Charitable Foundation) presented Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship Lite for participants. This high-level overview of the curriculum informs much of the NU Community Board’s thinking around social entrepreneurship. Specifically, the focus on creative blends that push our thinking on how business models can serve social impact. The Blender canvas is one of the initial pieces of the application that students will be asked to fill out.

As ever, it was inspiring to see student social entrepreneurs come together to support each other through information sharing.






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