Our Inaugural Grantee List: enp-ab makes its first round of grants

The first day of September is a great day to announce the  work happening behind the scenes this summer at Enterprising Non-Profits Alberta (enp-ab).  May and June’s workshops brought in 49 individuals representing approximately 33 non-profit and charitable organizations to learn about social enterprise.  From these organizations, we were pleased to receive 12 very strong applications for our inaugural round of grantmaking.

I’m excited to share the list of our current grantees with all of you.  They represent a diverse slice of the Calgary non-profit sector and within the business development continuum.

We were pleased to see the depth of thinking that many organizations are doing in regards to their social enterprise opportunities. We are keenly aware that social enterprise is not something to enter into lightly and our Grant Committee was impressed by both the organizational readiness and the social enteprise ideas of our current grantees.

As a learning organization, we’ve got a few ideas up-our-sleeves for our next round of grantmaking (kicking off on November 10).   Moving through the fall, enp-ab will continue to host learning opportunities to help our community better understand the language and application of social enterprise – as well as, to coach through the grantmaking process.

A big high five to our current grantees.  We’re so delighted to be able to support your work in the community.

[gview file=”https://tricofoundation.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/enpab1.1grantees.pdf”]

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