The 6 Key Mindsets of Social Entrepreneurship (& Entrepreneurship & Changemaking)


Starting with “why” is ‘table stakes’ for being a social entrepreneur, an entrepreneur or a changemaker. Your “why” drives you, it’s the core reason you are undertaking your journey. You have to be sure about your “why” and have a passion for it.

It is referred to as ‘table stakes’ because, just as in poker where the term originated, if you don’t have it, you don’t have a seat at the table – i.e. if you don’t have a true “why”, you are neither a social entrepreneur, an entrepreneur, or a changemaker. Full article here.

Social entrepreneurship = social x entrepreneurship.

At its core, social entrepreneurship uses business models/ markets to solve social problems. Regardless of whether it’s an individual or an organization, regardless of their choice of incorporation- non-profit or for-profit, these elements are the driving and amplifying force.

We support social entrepreneurship.

We are a private foundation that believes in supporting social entrepreneurship through programmatic, grant making, and partnership approaches. We take a systems view to every decision we make and foster social entrepreneurship by supporting the ecosystem and providing social entrepreneurs with capacity building resources.

We are entrepreneurial.

We believe in making social entrepreneurship mainstream. We know we can’t do it alone. Which is why we don’t just fund organizations; we work with them and learn with them to move the sector forward, taking risks along the way.
Trico Foundation Hires Liaison for Local Student Social Entrepreneurs

Trico Foundation Hires Liaison for Local Student Social Entrepreneurs

The Trico Charitable Foundation (TCF) is excited to announce a new role, and welcome its newest team member. Alexandra Daignault joins TCF as Liaison for Student Social Entrepreneurs. In that capacity she will work with post-secondary students that are developing a social enterprise, by providing coaching, workshops, and other materials developed by TCF. The position was created to support the growing number of student social enterprises in our city, and help Calgary take one more step to realizing its potential as a Canadian social enterprise hub.

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Learn with Us: Trico Launches Social Enterprise Workshops

Learn with Us: Trico Launches Social Enterprise Workshops

It has been a busy 18 months at the Trico Foundation as we have been working with organizations to test and pilot our A.S.E.S.S. worksheets. While we continue to learn something new every day, our team is at the point that we want to share where we are at with a wider audience, get feedback, and learn with you on your social enterprise journey.

Therefore we are pleased to announce the first iteration of our social enterprise capacity building workshop series designed for organizations either developing or scaling their social enterprise *. These workshops have been developed to address a number of key challenges organizations face as they build and scale their social ventures.

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