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Women in Need Society of Calgary (WINS)


2015 Recipient

Women In Need Society of Calgary (WINS): A non-profit social enterprise based out of Calgary, Alberta, its thrift stores have been fixtures in all four quadrants of Calgary for over 20 years. Initially established to provide a dignified place for women in crisis to find affordable clothing, housewares, and furniture, today their stores serve Calgarians at all socio-economic levels. In 2014, WINS’ thrift stores generated $3.3M in thrift revenue and funded 80% of their community programs. The stores also partner with local organizations to provide entry level employment opportunities for individuals new to Canada, individuals needing work experience, and individuals struggling to find employment elsewhere. In addition to their four thrift stores, they have developed a free goods referral program, recycling services and six family resource centres. To date WINS has served 7,112 adults and 5,050 children, connecting them to over 7,562 services.

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