SEWF 2013 Opening Greetings

Two of the many goals of the annual Social Enterprise World Forum are to build international linkage and galvanize the government of the host. By those measures, SEWF 2013 got off to a rousing start with greetings from Wayne Chiu, Chairman, The Trico Foundation (host of SEWF 2013); Peter Holbrook, Chair, Social Enterprise World Forum and CEO of Social Enterprise UK; and both the provincial and federal levels of government with The Honourable Heather Klimchuk, Alberta’s Minister of Culture, and Candice Bergen, Canada’s Minister of State (Social Development). You can access video of the greetings below.

More About SEWF


sewfThe Trico Charitable Foundation was honoured to host SEWF 2013. It made history in a number of ways – it was a first for Canada and attracted a record number of speakers and attendees (1,000 individuals from more than 30 countries and over 100 speakers from 20 countries) – but we are most proud of the quality of the discussions on Skills Building, Social Finance, Indigenous Social Enterprise, Collaboration, Policy and Research, and Social Innovation.


A special  thanks to Photos With Finesse by Suzan McEvoy  for the pictures,  BizBOXTV for producing the videos, and Employment and Social Development Canada in helping to make this post-event coverage possible.

We would also like to thank the following partners for making SEWF 2013 possible:


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SEWF2014 web bannerEach year SEWF gives a different host country an incredible opportunity to celebrate and nurture its own social enterprise movement. The inaugural SEWF met in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then it has been to Melbourne, Australia; San Francisco, U.S.A; Johannesburg, Africa; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Learn more about SEWF’s history here.


SEWF 2014 will be held in Seoul, Korea from October 12-16. Hosted by the Work Together Foundation, this significant international gathering has an ambitious agenda: “Social Change through Social Enterprise”. Learn more here.



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