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In 2013 We Asked Social Enterprise Leaders “Three Things Public Policy Needs to do for Social Enterprise to Thrive in 2023”

In November 2013 Trico Charitable Foundation was honoured to host the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF), bringing it to Canada for the 1st time ever.
As fate would have it, one session was titled “Three Things Public Policy Needs to do for Social Enterprise to Thrive in 2023.” The session was an all-star affair, moderated by Peter Holbrook, CEO of Social Enterprise UK, and featuring eight social enterprise policy leaders from Canada and across the world.
While there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, including a federal report (“Inclusive innovation: New ideas and new partnerships for stronger communities”) and two reports by the Premier’s Council on Charities and Civil Society of Alberta (“Building momentum for social impact” and “Moving Forward: Charting a Path to Civil Society Recovery”), we thought the ten year anniversary of the panel would be an interesting time to revisit it.
Below is a high-level summary of the answers. You can access the full transcript of the session here.
Panel Member (in Order of Appearance)      Position at the time      Recommendations (High-Level Summary)
Katherine HewsonAssistant Deputy Minister for Open for Business, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Trade and Employment and the Ministry of Research and InnovationCreate the correct regulatory environment; Help create a strong and effective social finance marketplace; Capacity building in general.
Yvonne StrachanHead of the Third Sector, Equality and Community Empowerment, Scottish GovernmentBe more outcomes focused and impact conscious; Recognize social enterprises as contributing to economic development not just social change; Recognize the transformative potential of doing things with people rather than to and for people.
Neil McLeanChief Executive, Social Enterprise AcademyPartnerships working across all sectors to achieve social outcomes; Investment in every sense of the word; Learning by doing to genuinely build capacity.
Mairi MacKayDirector of Society, British Council in East AsiaSystemic solutions through collaboration; The role of social capital and the way we understand social capital along with innovations in financial capital; Transformative thought leadership.
John WalkerDirector General, Community Development and Partnerships Directorate, Employment and Social Development CanadaApplying the test of “What is the public good?” Have we managed to remain flexible? Do we still remember the core values and beliefs that underlie the development of social enterprise?
Derek GentExecutive Director, Vancity Community FoundationAccess to capital x 3.
Molly HarringtonAssistant D.M., Policy & Research Div., Ministry of Social Development, Government of BCEarning trust; Tripartite collaboration; Establishing shared social outcomes.
Johanne LavoieCommissioner, Social Economy Bureau, City of MontrealEnsure the acknowledgement of the contribution of the social economy to the development of the city; The creation of a follow-up steering committee; Provide a budget to foster a sustainable social economy.
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