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MRU Launches Social Entrepreneurship Sprint: Applications Now Open

It is no secret that ideation is HARD, especially when you are tackling complex issues. That is why Mount Royal University’s (MRU) Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Trico Charitable Foundation are excited to launch the Social Entrepreneurship Sprint this August! The Social Entrepreneurship Sprint utilizes social and environmental problems relevant to Calgary, identified by Calgary’s network of social innovation organizations to engage Mount Royal University students in a unique entrepreneurial experience. Students develop their skills while building a product/service that could create solutions for the city, local community, and beyond. If you’re a curious mind with fresh ideas and are interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation, this is the opportunity for you!

Participating Mount Royal University students will work in multidisciplinary teams with mentors and local problem experts to validate and ‘hack’ a solution for one of the problems during a PAID, one-month Design-Sprint style Internship. The program runs from August 4 – September 11 (approx. 10-12 hours per week).

“The next generation of social entrepreneurs requires passion but also an effective process. This month-long program guides our future leaders through a proven methodology that they can use again and again to tackle real problems.” says Ray DePaul, Director, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Applications are open! Learn more and apply:


“Due to the pandemic, there is far too much young, underutilized talent this summer. We are excited to see the novel solutions to our most pressing problems that multi-disciplinary teams of students can create.” says Emily Knight, Entrepreneur Development Officer, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


What’s in it for you?

– Develop and demonstrate innovation and entrepreneurial skills that are in demand by employers.

– Explore social entrepreneurship as a career option! Clarify your career path by engaging with social problems head-on.

– Build Your Network! Team up with students from diverse backgrounds and build lasting professional relationships with leaders in Calgary’s social innovation network.

– Receive $1,000 in recognition for your time and work.

– Engage with local social and environmental problems: Tons of opportunity to grow specific skills for your future.

– An all-around fun, innovative, and safe environment to learn!

– Inclusion and Equal Opportunity. The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship supports an equal opportunity for all. We are committed to diversity and inclusion. If there are barriers to your participation, please connect with our team to see how we can accommodate you –


“This program ticks four very important boxes – it gives students a paid chance to engage during the challenges of COVID 19, it helps develop ideation skills (a key need in the social entrepreneurship space), it tackles key local social problems, and it is yet one more step in Calgary’s growth as a social entrepreneurship hub.” says Dan Overall, Executive Director of Trico Charitable Foundation. “We commend MRU’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for coming up with the idea and thank them for thinking of us to collaborate on it.”
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