Summer Job Will Pay YYC Student to Work on Their Social Enterprise: Apply Now

Summer Job Will Pay YYC Student to Work on Their Social Enterprise: Apply Now

Trico Charitable Foundation (TCF) is pleased to announce the return of our Summer Student initiative in which a Calgary post-secondary student developing a social enterprise will no longer have to put their venture on pause while working to ‘pay the bills’ during the summer.

Dan Overall
Dan Overall

“Through our work with student social entrepreneurs, we saw they often face the agonizing choice of putting their venture on pause because they need to generate income during the summer” explains Dan Overall, Executive Director of Trico Charitable Foundation. “Combine that with the fact that more and more Calgary students are developing social enterprises and Calgary’s growth as a social entrepreneurship hub, and we knew the time was right for this type of initiative.”

The Trico Summer Student Social Entrepreneur will work full-time over the summer of 2019 (exact start and end dates to be negotiated based on the selected student’s schedule). Tasks will be broken down as follows:

  • 50% of their time will be devoted to their venture as they see fit,
  • 30% of their time will be devoted to putting their venture through the A.S.E.S.S. process, the Foundation’s toolkit to help social enterprises develop, and
  • 20% of their time will be devoted to helping the Foundation in its other social enterprise support efforts.

Here is what previous participants Alexandra Daignault and Victoria Ross have to say about the program: 

“Working on my venture, as a Trico summer student, was possibly the most impactful experience of my degree thus far. I received personalized support to help grow and deepen the impacts of my venture. As well, I had access to resources I never would have explored elsewhere. The coaching I received helped launch my venture into its next phase of development. It was a tremendous experience where I, as a social entrepreneur, grew and learned so much. I would highly recommend this opportunity to other students.” -Alexandra Daignault

Alexandra Daignault

“I have been fortunate enough to take part in the Trico Foundation’s summer student program this year and it has had a huge emphasis on developing personal habits and bringing awareness to my cognitive biases. As a result, I have had more traction in the last two months with them then I have had in the previous two years of accessing other supports.” -Victoria Ross

Victoria Ross

Students have until February 15, 2019 to apply and we are looking forward to welcoming another student to our team in 2019!

A detailed job description and application is available here.

More About the Trico Charitable Foundation:

Established in 2008, the Trico Charitable Foundation seeks to close gaps in society by provoking innovation and building capacity in social entrepreneurship. Its work focuses on the Canadian context through four key areas of focus: 1) A.S.E.S.S., a capacity building toolkit with funding for non-profit social enterprises in Alberta, Canada; 2) a biennial Social EnterPrize which celebrates mature Canadian social enterprises (for profit and not-for profit) and commissions case studies on the recipients; 3) The World of Social Entrepreneurship, an annual Calgary event in partnership with the local community that brings some of the best and brightest examples of social entrepreneurship from around the world to Calgary; and 4) working with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation on RECODE, an effort to nurture social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Canada’s post-secondary institutions.

The Power of S x E:

Social entrepreneurship works best when ‘social’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ is blended so that market success and social impact mutually reinforce each other and become virtually indivisible. The results become so much more than the sum of their parts and new, boundary-pushing realities become possible. That is why Trico wants to move the conversation past “social + entrepreneurship” and on to “social x entrepreneurship”, or “S x E” for short. Read more here!