The University of Calgary Invites You to Participate in a Social Enteprise Survey.

Researchers at University of Calgary are conducting an online survey to examine the perceptions of business people regarding social enterprise’s competitiveness, values, social mission, and social impacts.

Social Enterprise is defined as a business venture owned or operated by a non-profit organization that either sells goods or provides services in the market, for the primary purpose of achieving a blended return on investment, both financially and socially/environmentally/culturally.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or work in a for-profit business, you are invited to complete this survey. Each participant who has completed the survey can choose to be entered into a draw for one of the five iPod Shuffles.

You don’t need to have social enterprise expertise, knowledge or experience! If you are a business person in Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver, you have valuable perceptions to share.  To access the online survey, please go to:

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