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Your Idea: Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship

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Don’t forget about the fill-able ‘Cheat Sheet’ that can help you work through a problem or opportunity you are working on. This resource will help guide you through the A.S.E.S.S. tools based on the type of challenge you are experiencing. Whenever you decide on a next step the ‘Moving Forward’ process (embrace affordable loss, shortening feedback loops, using the Trico experimentation technique, and reviewing with someone you have camaraderie with or a Friendly Wise Skeptic) will help you proceed in a way that is as safe and effective as possible*

Part 1 Video Transcript

Mentioned Tools & Resources:

Part 2 Video Transcript

Part 3 Video Transcript

Mentioned Tools & Resources:

Part 4 Video Transcript

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Part 5 Video Transcript

*On “profits”: Given the Canada Revenue Agency and some laws, the idea of profits can be tricky for Charitable organizations and even trickier for not-for-profits without Charitable status. While TCF will occasionally use the word “profit” in our materials that is really short-hand for “return (revenue minus expenses)”. To add more clarity, from now on we will try to use the word “return” instead of “profit” when we speak and will use  “return (revenue minus expenses)” in all legal agreements we have with you. You are encouraged to consult with a lawyer in determining when and how you can use the word “profit”. When we do hear you say the word “profit” we will assume you mean “return (revenue minus expenses)” unless you tell us you mean “profit” as defined by Revenue Canada.             


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