To zero in on the testing you need, you have to balance two perspectives. On the one hand, you want to be aware of and prepare for all key risks/thresholds as you move from where you are now to what you want your social venture to be when it is in its ‘steady state’ (i.e. your model has proven to be a success and growth is predictable and steady. A typical barometer in this regard is what your venture will look like five years after it starts). This will also help make sure you are building towards your goals rather than building a bridge to nowhere (this is a significant risk for start-ups, as discussed below). On the other hand, a lot of your current assumptions will be wrong, so you don’t want to go into too much detail too far down the road.

Calgary Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Services Momentum Thrive ATB Entrepreneurship Centre Trico Charitable Foundation Futurprenuer Canada Business Link Alberta Community and Cooperatives Association Social Venture Partners Calgary United Way Calgary & Area Education: Chiu School of Business, BVC Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MRU Institute for Community Prosperity, MRU Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary Ambrose University Business Program Thrive Finance: ATB Financial/BoostR Momentum Social Enterprise Fund Donors Trico Charitable Foundation Calgary Foundation United Way Calgary & Area Incubator/Accelerator Innovate Calgary District Ventures United Way Calgary & Area Events Capital Ideas Soul of the Next Economy Calgary+Acumen The World of Social Entrepreneurship Association Startup Calgary REAP Consulting The Sedge Creating Value Inc. Conscious Brands Creating Eudaimonia JS Daw & Associates Ecosystem Directory AlbertaIN ABSI Connect Version 1: September 2016. The Trico team is always looking to update this list as we learn about new/ other supports available to organizations exploring social entrepreneurship. If you know of any supports that are not listed above, please contact us at info@tricofoundation.ca so we can continue to map the YYC social entrepreneurship ecosystem as it...

Workshop Season is Upon Us…

We are trying something a little different this Spring and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Enp-AB is pleased to partner with enp-Canada and Innoweave to offer three exciting events to assist you on your social enterprise journey. We hope that these three opportunities will offer organizations at different stages in the social enterprise development path an opportunity to learn more and provide them with the resources they need to continue on the social enterprise path.