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Ask Me Anything About Social Enterprise (AMAASE) Webinar 2022 & 2023 Series

Are you curious about social enterprise? Trying to figure out how to solve a social problem using a business model? What burning questions do you have?

At these Ask Me Anything about Social Entrepreneurship sessions, a team of experienced professionals will be available to answer your questions (or help you find the resource you are looking for). 

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$50,000 to Outstanding Student Social Entrepreneurs

The NU Community Board has hit the ground running for our second year running the NU National Awards for Outstanding Student Social Entrepreneurship. We are pleased to share that we are now accepting applications for these two awards. Each award is for $25,000. One award is selected by the NU Community Board jury, and the other award is selected by the audience at the awards presentation.

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IRP Recipient Update: Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley

Through the first round of IRP funding, Biosphere looked at undertaking business and financial planning for a new social enterprise they helped to create, called Bow Valley Green Energy (BVGEC), to prepare it to accept investments in community-owned and-managed renewable energy projects. BVGEC’s ultimate vision is to make renewable energy affordable and accessible.

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