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Your ‘Steady State’ Goals (Social & Financial)

At Trico Foundation we often talk to groups about their goals for their social enterprise and discuss what their venture will look like when it has reached its desired steady state (here we are talking about down the road when you have reached your financial and social impact goals—please note that we previously referred to this as your five-year goals/ fifth year of operating, however each venture and industry will have a different indicators for stability and it is important to work with the desired goals/ markers that you have set out to indicate that your venture has reached its steady state).

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Making the Most of Key Stakeholders

This blog is an opportunity for us to introduce a number of groups and types of stakeholders that you may come in contact with/ have to respond to as develop or grow your social enterprise.

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Determining Your Key Steps & Needed Capacities

Now it’s time to shift gears and think of your end game – that is, what you want this venture to accomplish when it is up and running (from now on we will refer to this as your stable state). Ultimately, the art of being a start-up or expanding on your existing social enterprise is figuring out how to secure your ‘early adopter’ customer and then build up to your end game with the least amount of risk and the highest chance of success.

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OUT AND ABOUT (March & April/18)

There are a growing number of events connected to social entrepreneurship. Many of them happen in our home city, demonstrating what an incredible hub of activity Calgary is. The Trico Foundation team is pleased to attend many of them and wish we could attend more.

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Trico Foundation & Social Entrepreneurship: 2017 in Review

Happy New Year! The start of 2018 gives us the opportunity to reflect and learn from 2017. The past twelve months brought the Trico Charitable Foundation amazing insights such as the evolution of social impact and a rethinking of social entrepreneurship, the first Canadian team to win the Global Challenge Finals in Oxford, England, the 2017 Social EnterPrize Awards, the publishing of 5 case studies, social entrepreneur’s journeys and learnings, and the announcement of the Trico Changemakers Studio.

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Ingredients to Entrepreneurial Success

An entrepreneur is always learning, going through ups and downs while trying to navigate new approaches to attain success. The recipe for innovation and running your own venture involves four key ingredients: ideas, leadership, a great team, and planning.

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The End of Summer

Now, at 24, I’m in the process of becoming a social entrepreneur. To me, that means learning to use business as a force for good to tackle some of the more complicated problems I see around me.

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With All The Best Intentions

As we begin to think through the possibilities and ramifications, we become intentional in how we respond to and solve problems. It is by way of this understanding that we move through the murky waters of uncertainty, towards consistent methods of risk management and brand development.

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