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Shining light on our thinking & doing, our epiphanies & struggles, & our movement.

With All The Best Intentions

As we begin to think through the possibilities and ramifications, we become intentional in how we respond to and solve problems. It is by way of this understanding that we move through the murky waters of uncertainty, towards consistent methods of risk management and brand development.

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2016 in Review

Happy New Year! The start of 2017 gives us the opportunity to reflect and learn from 2016. The past twelve months brought the Trico Charitable Foundation amazing partnerships, new programs, and important insights.

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Calgary Proclaims September 16 “Social Entrepreneurship Day”

To commemorate the first official Social Entrepreneurship Day in Calgary, Trico Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce $700,000 in local social entrepreneurship programming.

“The existence of the Social Entrepreneurship Day Proclamation as well as the wonderful sentiments it contains (the Proclamation is attached to this News Release) are a fitting testament to the extraordinary momentum Calgary is gathering as a hub for social entrepreneurship” says Dan Overall, Director of the Trico Charitable Foundation. “We are honoured to both celebrate and support that momentum with this commitment to our home city.”

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Doing Business Differently in Calgary

As part of the Enough For All, a cohort of stakeholders came together to understand how they each support social entrepreneurship in Calgary. Working collectively, the cohort met in depth with nine social ventures and interviewed three others. The intent was to understand the wider social entrepreneurship support system in Calgary while seeking to strengthen the supports available to local social entrepreneurs.

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