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What Would Happen if the Social Sector Embraced Lean Startup? 3 Q’s with Sept 16 Keynote

We ask the acclaimed author of “Lean Startups for Social Change: The Revolutionary Path to Big Impact”: What’s your elevator pitch on the promise and power of bringing lean startup thinking to the social sector?, What is typically the greatest challenge for social organizations as they try to use lean startup thinking? and Explain the idea of “the one metric that matters”?

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Doing Business Differently in Calgary

As part of the Enough For All, a cohort of stakeholders came together to understand how they each support social entrepreneurship in Calgary. Working collectively, the cohort met in depth with nine social ventures and interviewed three others. The intent was to understand the wider social entrepreneurship support system in Calgary while seeking to strengthen the supports available to local social entrepreneurs.

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Reflections on the 2016 Skoll World Forum

A recap of the premier international event for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Our blog includes “Potpourri of Insights” and “Three Key Pillars (The Skoll Awards, Al Gore Keynote, Discussion on The Future of Social Impact and Entrepreneurship Education)”.

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OUT AND ABOUT (March/16)

There are a growing number of events connected to social entrepreneurship. Many of them happen in our home city, demonstrating what an incredible hub of activity Calgary is. The Trico Foundation team is pleased to attend many of them and wish we could attend more. This list from the last 30 days is our attempt to thank the hosts of these events and help get the word out about their great work.

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