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Trico Foundation & Social Entrepreneurship: 2022 in Review

Happy New Year! The start of 2023 gives us the opportunity to reflect and learn from 2022. Although 2022 came with its challenges, the past twelve months were busy, historic, and made great progress in advancing both social entrepreneurship and Calgary’s role as a hub for social entrepreneurship:


  • Delivered over $650,000 to social enterprises in Canada to advance social entrepreneurship in Canada;
  • NU Community Board announced National and Provincial Student Social Entrepreneurship awards;
  • “Ask Me Anything About Social Entrepreneurship” Webinar Series moved to a monthly schedule;
  • Spotlighted what is happening in the social entrepreneurship community;
  • Consolidated our ‘Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship’ curriculum into a 30-min ‘Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship Lite’ video and made it available online;
  • POP & IRP recipient spotlights; and
  • Some of our favourite social enterprise’s journeys. 


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