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Shining light on our thinking & doing, our epiphanies & struggles, & our movement.

What Would Happen if the Social Sector Embraced Lean Startup? 3 Q’s with Sept 16 Keynote

We ask the acclaimed author of “Lean Startups for Social Change: The Revolutionary Path to Big Impact”: What’s your elevator pitch on the promise and power of bringing lean startup thinking to the social sector?, What is typically the greatest challenge for social organizations as they try to use lean startup thinking? and Explain the idea of “the one metric that matters”?

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Lucky Iron Fish: Tails of Social Entrepreneurship

This is part of our series focusing on The World of Social Entrepreneurship, showcasing social impact stories at Beakerhead 2016. Our Q & A with Gavin Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Lucky Iron Fish, discusses his personal social entrepreneurship journey, the joy and challenges of pitching, the art of pivoting and much more.

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TRICO Presents: The World of Social Entrepreneurship

Imagination is a powerful tool. Partner it with design and engineering and you’ve got a combination that can transform – and solve — the most complex of social issues. This year during Beakerhead, meet six founders, engineers and designers tackling social issues through ingenious entrepreneurial endeavors.

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OUT AND ABOUT (May & June/16)

There are a growing number of events connected to social entrepreneurship. Many of them happen in our home city, demonstrating what an incredible hub of activity Calgary is. The Trico Foundation team is pleased to attend many of them and wish we could attend more.

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Media Release: Official kick-off for Beakerhead takes place in the world’s largest pop-up gallery

The five days of Beakerhead officially get rolling today with the world’s largest pop-up gallery, called a String (Theory) of Incredible Encounters, with a circumference of five kilometres.

The series of public art installations is an exploration in creativity at the crossroads of art, science and engineering, and can be seen by touring from Inglewood to East Village to Victoria Park, 17th Ave and Kensington. The home base or hub for Beakerhead this year is at Station B (the Beakerhead moniker for installations at Fort Calgary).

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