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Shining light on our thinking & doing, our epiphanies & struggles, & our movement.

Reflections on the 2016 Skoll World Forum

A recap of the premier international event for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Our blog includes “Potpourri of Insights” and “Three Key Pillars (The Skoll Awards, Al Gore Keynote, Discussion on The Future of Social Impact and Entrepreneurship Education)”.

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The Future of Social Innovation Alberta 2016

The ABSI Connect Fellows formed in August 2015. Every aspect of the Fellowship embodied the spirit of the collective action and intent that inspired this experiment. The ABSI Connect Fellows are a timely experiment crafted in response to an emergent need, opportunity, and collective interest for social innovation in Alberta.

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STOKED for Social Impact

Mount Royal University (MRU) alumni Paisley Dressler is a leading example of a social entrepreneur who is making a difference internationally. Graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with a minor in social innovation and non-profit management, Paisley is the now the Operations Director of her social venture Project STOKE.

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OUT AND ABOUT (March/16)

There are a growing number of events connected to social entrepreneurship. Many of them happen in our home city, demonstrating what an incredible hub of activity Calgary is. The Trico Foundation team is pleased to attend many of them and wish we could attend more. This list from the last 30 days is our attempt to thank the hosts of these events and help get the word out about their great work.

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Student Learns Leaders Can Follow

Already a published author, Carly Sotas is a great example of how Canadian students are creating social impact through equal parts collaboration, inspiration from others, and a deep-seated drive to make a difference.

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Connecting the Dots: 3 Key Insights from the Social Finance Forum

Held at the MaRs Centre for Impact Investing Incubator, the 8th annual Social Finance Forum (SFF) event in November 2015 brought together Canadians to discuss best practices of business and community building. Through discussions around key insights and takeaways with several individuals who attended the event, it is clear the SFF stimulated some crucial themes: collaborating in new ways, networking, and navigating support.

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Calling Canada’s Post-Secondary Institutions: We are Commissioning Case Studies on Some of Canada’s Leading Social Enterprises 

The Trico Charitable Foundation is inviting Canadian post-secondary institutions to apply to undertake case studies on its Social EnterPrize recipients. In total, five social enterprises will be studied:

three Vancouver-based organizations: The Cleaning Solution, Mission Possible, & Potluck Cafe;
one Hawkesbury, Ontario-based organization: Groupe Convex Prescott-Russell; and
one Calgary-based organization: Women In Need Society [WINS].

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Moving Past Add-ons and Division: Social x Entrepreneurship

What we need is a formula that recognizes the core elements of social entrepreneurship, moves us past the mentality of the simple ‘add on’, and celebrates the exponential power of social entrepreneurship when the core elements are truly blended into a mutual and synergistic whole.

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The U of Social Entrepreneurship

Where to Begin offers a deep dive into models of post-secondary social innovation and/or social entrepreneurship hubs across North America. Commissioned by the Mount Royal University (MRU), Scaled Purpose conducted a wide scan of programs and their offerings across campuses in Canada and the United States, and then dove deeper into interviews with eight campuses to get at the heart of why certain programs have worked, and what we can learn from failures.

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The Money Moat – Non-profit social enterprises, even when successful, are having difficulty accessing social finance opportunities

“It (the Social Finance Forum) was a wonderful opportunity to access information with various people that can help provide more energy and ideas on how we can grow the business” – Shaugn Schwartz

With over 500 attendees at the 8th annual Social Finance Forum (SFF), hosted by the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing this past November, many different insights and themes were inevitably going to emerge

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